Chinese Herbal Medicine

Considered by many to be the back bone of Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine is vast.

Hundreds of plant, animal and mineral products are used in common practice, and these are almost always prescribed as combinations known as formulas.

The classical formulas of Chinese medicine are beautiful works of art. The design of many and how they interact with the body is ingenious. The aim is always maximum effect in the most concise way possible. Treatment should match the disease exactly with nothing left to cause harm. There should be no collateral damage.

Once a standard classical formula is chosen, the practitioner has the option to modify in need – that is, add or subtract ingredients, and tweak dosages – to produce a precisely tailored medicine.

Our herbs are in the form of powdered extracts which simply dissolve in hot water to form a tea.

Chinese herbs are particularly effective at treating internal issues, such as infertility, gynaecological issues, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions and skin disease (yes this is an internal issue).

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