Acupuncture is a fascinating therapy. It is truly like no other.

Yes it is impressively ancient, but out-dated? No. Modern clinical trials are increasingly adding support to the literally millennia of empirical evidence for its efficacy.

How does acupuncture work?

Within Chinese medicine, acupuncture theory is complex. As a simplified explanation, acupuncture restores balance within the body. It ensures the various substances of the body are circulating correctly and the normal healthy relationships between the organs are as they should be.

From a biomedical view-point acupuncture is known to produce anti-inflammatory responses, influence electro-magnetic pathways, induce immune reactions, and stimulate the release endorphins affecting mood and pain responses. And .... this is no doubt just the beginning. With time and ever improving technology, more is continually being discovered.

Acupuncture is used as a standalone treatment or combined with herbal medicine. It especially excels at treating pain, neurological conditions, musculo-skeletal problems and mental health disorders.